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LEGO from outer space

Hello LEGO enthusiasts!

Today I have exciting news for you that will surely excite you! Imagine if you could get a unique LEGO figure that traveled to space. Yes, you read that right! LEGO has just launched an amazing contest where the main prize is just such a figure.

Cosmonaut Flying into Space

LEGO sets have inspired creativity and adventure for years. This time, however, LEGO is pushing the boundaries even further. A special astronaut figure has actually been sent on a mission into space and now it can be yours!

Terms & Conditions

How can you take part in this unique competition? It's simple! Just visit the official LEGO website for all the details of the competition. Here are the main steps you need to follow:

1. Buy a LEGO set: Buy any space-themed LEGO set.
2. Build and take a photo: Build your own space model that inspired the astronaut figure and take a photo.
3. Share: Upload the photo to social media with the hashtag #LEGOvesmirnykosmonaut and tag the official LEGO account.

What can you win?

The grand prize is something very special – a LEGO figure that has been on a real space mission! This unique figurine bears traces of its adventure and is an authentic piece of history. In addition, each participant will be entered into a draw for other special prizes, such as limited-edition sets and LEGO gift vouchers.

Inspiration for your space models

Don't have an idea for your model? Don't worry! For inspiration, check out some of the most popular space-themed LEGO sets, such as LEGO City Space Port or LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V. Your creativity is endless – you can create your own rocket, space station or even a moon base!


This contest is a great opportunity for all LEGO fans to show their creativity and get a unique piece of history. Don't forget that the contest is only running for a limited time, so don't hesitate to join as soon as possible!

I wish all participants the best of luck and I look forward to your amazing space models!

Yours truly


Be sure to follow the official LEGO channels for more information and updates about the competition. Good luck and may the power of LEGO be with you every step of the way! 🚀✨
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